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Left the state, then the Country & still home by 1 PM

=^.^= At 7:30 AM Went with my loverly neighbor to do a doggie transport. 8, count em 8! Daschunds. 2 Standards & the rest miniatures. We met up with a couple in Toledo, Ohio (the dogs originated from S Carolina). One little fellow was so scared that he became my lap dog for the trip ^_^ (what a sweetie! He stopped shivering after a few moments in my lap). The 2 standards were named "Kris" & "Kringle", and one of the minis had only one eye. Still he was a cutie (what happened to his eye is a mystery). 5 minutes after we left Toledo bound for Windsor, one of the dogs pooped.. *but that's to be expected*.

They were having some type of 75th Anniversary celebration for the Ambassador Bridge. This struck me & my neighbor as crazy dangerous - but I saw a Canadian Mountie and some other folk doing something ceremonial looking.

We met up with the folks in Windsor & dropped off the weiner kins - (Then they go to London Ontario to be fostered until they get adopted).

ilenebook was gracious enough to post her son's email addy in a recent entry so that we could send them a supportive note before they leave TX & go to Iraq. I was very touched that her son James would take the time to send me a 'thank you' email note. Please everyone join me in my prayers for James & Eric - well for everyone there too. I include a prayer for their worried families at home. Perhaps it sounds odd, but I don't support what our President did, or feel that this war on terror is in anyway a good thing-- but my heart is with everyone who is serving over there. They will remain in my thoughts everyday.

Thanks to Vivid!

Fashion Never Function OK whatever you say Prince of bling bling

A nice video except for the unfortunate hairdo
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