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It's already late

ahh well I never knew how to do a lj cut at the start of my neophite days on lj - but darn..
I swear some people on my FL want to see how freaking huge their posts can be ... I just hope my scroll button lives thru it ^^;; *snerk*

I survived the annual all staff meeting today! Yay! hahah
actually it was not so bad - they made it rather short. Honestly, I DO admire our Superintendent because ahah she seems to be a tightass cheapskate ! YAY! ( my years in Finance... we grumbled and grumbled about stupid spending)
Well I work for
and thanks to the awful bastards at Oakland Intermediate ( our counterpart, but a richer more upscale neighborhood) did all kinds of shenanigans, and made us all look bad!
I take some pride to think - well I know we actually don't do any of that - any well it seems the Governer took notice..but who knows.. *rant over*

ahh yeah it's after midnight but ^.~ kyaa I have spam (shamelessly from my archives! GAHHH what a dork does that make me!??? OH HUSH)

*_^ I had the fun of talking with the loverly hidoko today..! hahah! I think we must kidnap Hkoneko and like.. err (Well hahah they can take it from there , they are much more clever I am sure Little Tet is involved)

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