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The good , the bad, & the ugly

I avoid watching the news, as it's mostly garbage and stories that try to make people more frightened of their everyday surroundings then need be. "Your child's room is a death trap!...Film at 11.." blahblah It also annoys me how local news likes to support the notion that 'we are on your side' 'we are here for you' (I'm not a journalism scholar, but I didn't think news was supposed to be on MY side - that's not their job..)
but ranty rant aside, I hadn't watched any TV coverage of the incredibly devestating tragedy in Beslan (Russia) but I heard about it on NPR. I guess images really have an impact & as I looked at seraphimsigrist picture posts of the victims, I felt my heart just sink. I pray for those poor families, I can't hardly imagine.

Well I think there should be a special day that celebrates how amazing caffeineaddict is - perhaps a 24/7 Prince of Tennis festival or something ^.~

I wish all the best to diluendo who is Japan bound~ ^_^ I know she will do well at Waseda Univ, as I can tell she is a study fiend! Looking forward to her Japan reports.

Also wishing the best to hydebelle on her upcoming singing event for the NYC/Japan TV crew ! Ganbatte!

Also big on my good wish list is everyone in Flordia. ^^;;

Leigh & I went to the wedding of the daughter of a work associate of Leigh's. It was at a local golf course on near the water - & how funny to hear the wedding vows as people on jet skis would zoom by. The wedding was incredibly short, but the bride was stunning & walked up the isle w/her Dad & holding the hand of her groom's 2 yr old son (it was incredibly adorable). During the ceremony, the bride kept wiping tears away from her groom's face.. *awwwww*! Leigh's brother & wife were there too - so we had fun at the reception. I think the wedding must have been crazy expensive - but it was very nice.

Big thanks to Vivid & cats (oh would that be a vivid cat?)

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