nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

hitori no hito tanjoubi

Perhaps the pic is not in season but ahh it reminds me of my dear friend Celine

ahh! I went to my loverly neighbor's surprise 60th birthday party~ and since he is in a band, and used to work for motown
ahha I thought my dorkiest outfit fitting *hydeist t shirt , barbed wire necklace, earings..hhaha) ^^;; sad to say Leigh was feeling poorly, so he didn't go.

I'm so lucky, my neighbors are great! We both adore dogs - so we became instant pals! hahah and Mim - I just adore her to no end.

I'm sending major prayers and hugs to
crimson_fantasy you will be in my prayer list every day..

Oh , and I told my wonderful brother Greg (who I adore) about my journal... crap hahaha
I think maybe it was a mistake?? But hey, he must always have known I was off my rocker
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