nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Anything to say, or just spam?

I know I yapped about my coworker the other day - I told Leigh about it tonight while we were out for dinner. I told him how that made me crazy (her awfully bitchy comment seemed too thoughtless and cruel) .. ^_^ yay! Leigh encouraged me just to attack it with love hahah! just like Sedenfendo! I think we need to tackle people to floor with love haha even if they are obnoxious

I think I 'll go to church with Leigh on Sunday - that's always a riot. *never forgets the woman who said "Leigh, I didn't know you were married" hahah priceless

My dearest pal Liv chan encouraged me to check out the Yuna/Sugizo collaboration site Wow! What a beautiful site! I quite like Yuna's voice too


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