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Must be sympathy for Connor

Perhaps I was thinking of Ilene's little guy Connor ( who lost a finger ^^^;;;) ah rather cut into my finger while making dinner. It's a bit of an impediment LOL but thanks to Leigh who taped it up .. I continued to cook ( I put on rubber gloves though.. cuz bleeding fingers are just ughhh)

今日MSNでりりちゃんと話をした。懐かしい りりちゃんはスギゾファンになると思う (笑う)

I was so happy to talk to Liv! I so missed talking to her - it's all her fault I'm a Laruku nut! hhahah

Things are getting busy busy at work.. yay! I really like to be busy - I just worry about details - I'm so not an organized person - Survived another staff meeting.. ahhha funny how I can relate to the boring/blahblah nesss of it to my boss ( well I have several) ... we groan together!

I so needed this image yesterday! lol

I so heart this pic - maybe I should go into psycho analysis hahaha cuz it reminds me of a pic of my brother Greg as a kid

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