nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

spaghetti incident

Sends love to
rakshi Hollers out! If any of you on my Friends list are into LoTR... you must learn about Rakshi - "She rocks the shire!"

ARGGH don't you hate when you do something stupid? ( ho hoho happens to me everyday )
I knocked over a box of spaghetti & >.< dang I can't find our broom - so it is like impossible to pick up.

I keep trying to make a way to like my one coworker. but I'm evil as I'm rejoicing that she will take a vacation soon. She is always wanting to rant on my butt for crap.. kdfaksdjf;askdjf Today I thought she would get into it with me.
Her phone was ringing *and by the way I am NOT her secretary, we Have voicemail!* so she always lays into me if I don't pick up her phonecalls. Well, my other coworker was telling me she was having chest pains & going to the emergency room because her doctor advised it. Her phone was ringing then... I of course, was more interested in the health of my coworker then her myriad of phone calls she gets everyday. >><<<
but I really am annoyed!!!!!!!!! My coworker went to the emergency room and told me she had chest pain all day =....

Well the annoying coworker was talking to another secretary about how they wanted to go home already (a typical rant) and she said 'OH I HAVE CHEST PAINS I HAVE TO GO HOME'
I'm sorry.. I've tried to be tolerant..but that ranks her total BITCH Face!
How mean! I try to love people, really I do I do,... but that just pissed me off
Tries to find love in Laruku spam~ hahah

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