nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

separated at birth?

It's been lovely being able to chat with sedefend.. who hrmm I'm thinking is my sister, seriously. ^.~ Apologies to her for keeping her up til an ungodly hour.

I felt pretty much like a big piece of crapola all week ..but yay! talking with dear friends cheered me up.

Trying to get into the Olympic spirit - I can't seem to get really captivated - but thank goodness the Canadians have their own TV coverage. Sorry NBC, you guys are suck-o-la

Katie sent me the most lovely photobook - and here are a few pics from it. I had asked her at first to put her signature on it so people wouldn't steal it.. but *hydes* the signature really took away from what a lovely job she did. Please, if anyone steals these, or sees them stolen..!mwhwhahah we'll torture you with something evil, like watching footage of Gackt's thong collection.

I quite love this one..

finally! hyde gets punished for years of bad fashion!

Tomorrow is Friday yay!
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