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>.< I can't be that old!

>.> *Sniffles*.. another birthday rolling round.. ahh I should be happy ..yes? For some reason - I have a heavy heart - Leigh has said not more then 3 words to me today (not so unusual) and no wish of happy birthday.. I think Leigh was preoccupied with some Chuch project he had today - but .. I don't want a present..just a simple birthday hug - or ..just the thought that I'm not just a troll.. gomen everyone sorry to be moany - and I have no real reason to be - ahhh Yesterday, my brother's holiday party . . . Waiiiii I wish all my online pals could go - it's so fun.. My Sister in like a Martha Stewart (but ^_^ you would LOVE my sister in law LOL) everything is so well's like being in a professional dept store window. ) and carnivores love the party (sorry I do bring wimpy vegan food along *LOL*) My Sister in law & her fellow flautists?? (people that play the flute) entertained us.. She is quite good really - she played with Jeanne Pierre Rampal & Galloway (I'm sure I'm murdering the names here)...

well - the day is early.. so maybe leigh will perk up and wish me happy birthday ekekek who am I kiddin?
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