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take that you evil endo...

I woke up feeling much like I had survived being run over by a steam roller.. I called in sick to work and layed down with my trusty heating pad.. The more I laid there the more I thought - No, you won't defeat me evil endo XD (well not today anyway). So I toddled off to work anyway.

I got my Visa bill today... youch (hrmm free concerts can be expensive) - Perhaps I can just arrange some direct deposit to Neo wing (CDjapan) *laugh*
I got an email from CDjapan today saying that my Angela "Sora no Koe" CD is in temporary shortage. oh Yay for Angela, I'm assuming that their CD is selling well if they ran out of stock.

& this post at Hytsu board resulted in a fun chat with hkoneko How do you go from liking RadioHead to Avril, Hydesan?

I Found the ever snarky Japantoday bbs had an interesting thread on S Korea 'boom' in Japan. I must be out of the whatsin loop, as I had no idea who Bae Yong Joon was.

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