nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

>o< couch potato

I started out early to work becuase my boss was teaching a handheld computer workshop - and oh I thought the day would be rough - but not this rough. I swear I had the same experience as demonesque ... well I drive my blurry eyed self to work about an hour early - I focused just at the task at hand, made sure I did what my boss needed.

Well, by 9am my sinus headache had gotten so bad I had to go home. My stomach was incredibly pissed and I started throwing up (ahh but felt somewhat better after)
I hope to be OK tomorrow.. I spent all day as a doofus on the couch watching garbage on tv.

Watching those court TV / talk shows (while yeah I think they do destroy braincells) always make me mindful of how wonderfully lucky I am to have great parents. There was a rash of homocides in Detroit this weekend, including a fellow who killed his 3 yr old daughter - then tried to kill himself. How sad that people ever find themself in such a state.

^-^ yay! My Dad's artwork reached Saudi!

(hrmmm... thankful for all the years working with my coworkers in Finace, as there was always a sense of being consciencious. We would never dream to leave someone in a 'lurch' or be inconsiderate that way... and let's say one of my coworkers I don't know why they haven't fired her. Her boss often complains about her lack of motivation to me - and how he wants me to work for him.. However, they allow her to get away with doing little work and making personal phone calls all day ... ahhh I digress)
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