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Picture glutton

Feeling oddly.. hyper at the moment.. ahh I should be sleeping
I need to pay the Photobucket folk more money or get rid of pics.. lol such a picture ho-...

^_^ I posted a message on Hydeist bbs about the English inteview.. and how neat, a Hongkong Hydeist messaged me.. That was fun, she saw SOAP in Hong Kong too.
I hope to talk with her again, she was a dear.
As crappy as my Japanese IS (and it is craptastic really) I think I need to convince myself to make more embarassing efforts to write it.. no matter how bad. Some people on my Friend's list - they persevere, they are not native speakers.. and I so admire them. ahh lack of confidence, it's such a restraint.

I was relating to the lovely Naomi a scary story - a teacher took a digital camera workshop at work (I work here: The participants were to take a digital picture of everyone at the workshop + some other items.. and write a story for kids. Oh My Goodness. O.o This woman, if she's not on LSD, she's just insane... and sad part??? she's a Detroit Preschool teacher. Poor kids - !

^^;; man I'm such a dork - I can't stop watching the Cape of Storms PV and signing along with it in ASL (american sign lang) >.< it's been ages since I was in the Deaf Theatre troupe.. lol why am I so wanting to sign to this all of a sudden?

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