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what to do while waiting for the printer? Spam ....

Busy day at work, but the color printer takes ages to print.. so why not clutter up your list w/spam? *chu* to kuroilarc & vivid
Sending hugs & prayers to Chiye - sorry to hear about your loss.
Hidoko - you are in my thoughts too - I hope everything is going OK for you! ^^;;
Glad to hear you are feeling better Sedefend!

I have to wonder, Hydesan... was incredibly dopey the look you ere shooting for here?

Yet again, carpet samples as Jrock fashion gone bad

Finally- the copies are finished.. back to work... My coworker just asked if she could help me - I've learned that if I said yes, it just creates more work for me in the end..oh I must be a brat ^.~ so I said no.
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