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メリークリスマス [Dec. 25th, 2002|11:23 pm]
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |gentle sound of falling snow]

Talk about a white Christmas! We had about 3 inches of snow today - so pretty!

Usually, Christmas brunch is at my Mother in law's house - but she was sick the past few days , and GOD LOVE HER! My sister in law said "oh let's just all have it over at my house".
Since I have 3 dogs and I'm pretty much of a slob (much to Leigh's chagrin, I'm sure) we never entertain.. but I try to make up for it by baking lots of stuff and bringing it wherever we go.. ^.~ I hope that makes up for it.

*Confetti!!* 2 of my pals Richan and Perdita .. waii! They won the SOAP site contest for chat with Sakura I can't wait to hear how it goes -

Woohoo No work tomorrow or the day after..or after! ^_^

My brother has his big party on 12/28 - it is always a lot of fun.. there are usually 100+ people that show up. They decorate their house so well (our house is so sparse.. no tree, decorations at all) it's like looking at a fancy dept store window.. and the best part - my brother & Sister in law being musicians, there is always impromptu concerts piano / flute / kids playing violin.. Ahh I wish all my Virtual friends could come too!

[User Picture]From: eightnoon
2002-12-25 09:31 pm (UTC)


i wanna go ~ (^O^)
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