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My wonderfully patient & obliging hubby will take me to the airport tomorrow for my 6:50 am flight..

Sent off the painting to Sedefend on Tuesday-

& in a constant quest to be the biggest dork I can be, I went looking for one of the cheapo 'barbed wire' necklaces - I've bought a few for friends, but never for myself.
(Like the necklace in this pic)

Go figure, no wonder I couldn't find it, as I went to the wrong store. I just realized it now as I read someone on a bbs mentioning buying the necklace at Spencers. I really hate shopping, so that's probably why I couldn't remember. However, I did find barbed wire earings at Hot Topic (where I thought I had bought the necklaces) - so I got those instead. Hrmmm I must not fit the 'Hot topic' customer profile. When I asked the gothy salesclerk (all black clothes, tattoos & some painful looking piercing thru his nose -that must be the employee dress code) about the necklace, he said "Is it a gift?" I suppose I just didn't have that whole barbed wire look going on at the time. ^.~

I hope I've remembered everything .. I almost forgot about money ..gahhh that would have been a fatal error.

(little bbs rant).. Why is that some people just aren't happy unless they are trying to rain on everyone's parade? Nothing irks me more then people who live to make snarky little negative comments. I say, if you don't have anything NICE to say, then don't say anything. I'm not talking about someone who writes a well thought out and critical review.. Maybe there is an unwritten law that every forum must have 2 or 3 resident 'poo-poo'patrol I think they need a virtual smack ..(Post #3) The hot/not poll is rather silly, I just dont enjoy people who seem to think it's their job to just say things 'suck' (I won't even go on about the annoying 'I'm not a fangirl' avatar)
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