nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

holiday time...

^_^ ahhh it was like a skeleton crew at the office. ahh yes Helayne is stupid.. never thinks ahead to take time off before the holiday.. Go figure. I was the ONLY one in my dept. but ufuf I had fun talking with Priss today *ahh what am I saying?? LOL I usually have fun talking with Priss every day *chu!!* ^_^ *

mwaahahah My Aunt has expressed an interest in seeing some of my Japanese music videos.. *helayne.. stay restrained.. dont scare her.. !!" I made some "Greek" bread today - >.< funny - I am always worried if it turns out or not. I try to avoid eating things with dairy products in them.. but I make this as a family tradition. I ask my husband if the bread is ok. and well he just mutters yes.. argg *lol* if it tasted like a pile of suet... would he say so?? haha

I need to task Leigh if he wants to go to see D Jewel in February.. he said he did.. but I want to make sure.. I really want to see Priss in her own environ..!! kyaaaa

ahh I had fun as usual meeting Liv in Hydeist chat..! ahh it's such a relief when I speak English there ahha we were the only 2 in the chatroom.. and ahhh! check out

Liv's xmas greeting
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