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Greeks bearing gifts

I miss having an answering machine that lights up to say you have a message. My Mom called twice and I have a phone company provided voicemail service- and sometimes I don't hear that 'beepbeepbeep' when I pick up the phone.. Anyhoo, my parents wanted to stop by the house to drop off some things.

^_^ My Dad finished the Lovely painting for sedefendendo I am so anxious to ship it off.
My Mom also surprised me with a really cool purple tie-die ish type shirt that she saw at an artfair. "that's helayne" she said when she saw it. I was just tickled, such a nice and unexpected thing. ooh! more goodies too. My parents are on the Local Library Committe, and every weekend there is a used book sale. The books are always super cheap, like $1, $2 & I got a brandspanking new Paperback Kodansha Japanese dictionary. She also gave me a set of audio tapes for Book one of Japanese for busy people.
They brought along wedding pics of my Aunt Martha's wedding. She's the youngest of my Dad's brothers and sisters. (6 brothers/6 sisters) & she is a real dear. I remember her in her 'hippie' days - when she came to visit our family with her first husband. They lived on Haight-Ashbury, you can't get much more 'hippie' then that ^.~ .. but they moved out when all the drugs started coming in.
My niece Kaley did some Irish dancing at their wedding. It sounds like Kaley is quite accomplished, she's won a few competitions. She looks so charming in her Celtic outfit.

Yesterday I watched the movie "Unbreakable" - it made me wonder.. hrmmm is this what happens when people get too obsessed with anime? ^.~
& after 2 hours of hearing M. Night Shyamalan promise a 7 minute preview of his upcoming project (gahh don't you hate when they do that?) it looked really interesting & the cast seems stellar.

OK that's enough babble. I fear it's Sunday night insomnia again

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