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Woke up with a rather irritated tummy (IBS monster lurks again) & well after being rather sluglike for a good part of the day (listening to my stomach go swoosh gurgle gurgle).. things finally subsided. Yay!

Tip for the day - Try to stop your doggie from snacking on bunny rabbits for makes them quite gassy~ >.< *that's my Sally, the bunnykiller*

It was quite a beautiful day weather wise - refreshingly cooler then the past few weeks. Leigh took the opportunity to go to his parent's house & work on the eternal re-roofing project.

A big congrats to mitsuchan on getting her Admission letter woot~!

Feeling a bit ambivalent about spamming these days..but my "lookie lookie I want you to see too" feeling takes over

Laruku live in USA! ... this is from official Le ciel magazine

This pic is for Nyde - as my craptastic scanning/cropping skills.. yay - it looks like it says Nyde

I'll try to scan more pics later - >.< my scanner at work has decided to make everything yellow. *beats IE* It worked fine til my PC death - then .. oh well scanners are rather fussy things, aren't they?

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