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I've mentioned before how I've gotten people who message me on Yahoo, and I don't know them. Today I got Krishna spam! lol The fellow was very nice though - he must have been searching 'vegetarian' as an interest link and found me. He sent me a link to this
He told me he used to come to Detroit to go to the Fisher mansion - it's been made into a Krishna Temple

It brought to mind some Krishna's I met before that worked with this food relief campaign & I was very impressed by them. Let's feed the world with love.. yes!!

^^;; Well I find this a bit disheartening - will the front row seating be taken up by anime otakus who aren't really Laruku fans?

What's this odd fascination with pocky anyway? It's not like it's one of the finest foods in Japan .. I had a chill when I went into Suncoast video to pick up a gift - and noticed they had a big anime section. The TV monitor was playing some annoying anime with a theme song by something that sounded like Judy & Mary on Helium.. *ears bleed* & I saw 2 rather 'typical' animefanboy types thumbing thru the quasi porn manga (next to the boxes of pocky & gummy candy).. and one fellow had an "Anime freak" Tshirt on.. "Oh no !" I almost cried as I envisioned what Otakon will be like (just multiplied greatly)

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