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I'm feeling more like VanGogh then Parrish

I found a nice Maxfield Parrish site - I've always liked his work because it was so ethereal and dreamlike

I have had this incredible urge to cut my ear off (like Van gogh) garrhh... I think I'll have to break down & see the doctor if it's this painful one more day.. I think it's the evil hot humid gunk filled weather though..

Speaking of - well at least Laruku should enjoy Baltimore for the 25 degree cooler weather.. Gahh 39.9 C I read in Hydeist today..^^;; that's hot!

^_^ Heard from the lovely Hazuki & another Hydeist friend who emailed me to say 籠ピカだぁ!!!!! (Hyde light is on)

I sent Hazuki some DVD's for Valentine's day - and ^-^... her reactions are so sweet:
- The Year Living Dangeroushy -
I'm on the edge of my seat !!!
I interested in Billy's puppet show.
Billy said, " Their shadows are souls and the screen is heaven."
" All is clouded by desire, as a fire by smoke, as a mirror by dust "
" Through these it blinds the soul."
Gilu said, " Water from the moon"
I like it very much and remembered his lines !!!

I remember the movie very well !
We know that make a sculpture out of ice and stone,
but we weren't sculpture out of garden plants.
I was astonished at his playing such a sculpture.
It was fascinated by with the beautiful scene !!!
The movie is a dreamy story.

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