nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Elusive butterfly of love

Kyaa! the uber talented ilenebook said it was ok to spam her artwork link ... *wipes tear* it's just so beautiful...
I was feeling nostalgic today - as this tends to be my 'tv' day- I don't watch much tv- not having cable, and that reality show crap makes me just want to spit....
I felt very wistful, nostalgic today though. I saw a few shows about the space race - and one was how a Russian scientiest really did the grunt work & how Russian cosmonauts were killed in an explosion (like 140 or so gahhhh I never heard of sad) I also saw an Ed Sullivan show, and ... it had Rolling stones on it! omg! so young... also Petula Clark singing 'elusive butterfly' .. She had a great voice IMO .. I wish we had such an eclectic show like that today.

Well documentaries, do a job to convince you of a point.. and hah yeah - this point was that the Russian group of scientists were dismissed from the 'hall of fame' . How sad to think they were sent to prison because they were intellectuals -

I remember being in school and they brought in a tv (hey that was a big deal) to show the moon landing)

I suppose there are always some pivotal events.. like I remember JFK being shot..

What event stands out in your mind?
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