nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

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*confetti* Liv is back ^-^

Thank goodness for actifed - woke up w/a dreadful earache (day #4...^^;;) I'm glad to see the wonderful
liv_ark back in the virtual sea again. A big hug to the lovely buttercookies for renewal help. *chu*

Sometimes I wish I could give people a big fat virtual slap in the face.. >.< *snort*

Thanks to cats & vivid - from Le Ciel 40 (which again makes me worry about Hazuki. She is always going in the hospital *prays for her* )

Well I should probably get back to work, but then maybe I shouldn't feel so bad. As a coworker seems to have made a career of long distance personal phone calls..^^;;
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