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Vivid Colours [Jul. 13th, 2004|11:37 pm]
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You might want to check out this cool link - https://www.accesscommunity.org/coc/child/artist.html

Access - (The Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services) puts this event on~ You'll find mp3's on the website

From: claireredding
2004-07-14 04:41 pm (UTC)
ani! Los lobos! Me and Detroit need to get together for some hot indie music lovin'...
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From: mrhydeisme
2004-07-14 08:20 pm (UTC)
ACCESS seems pretty cool to put such a large cross-cultural event on.

The arabs have been in Detroit for generations, just like the Japanese on the westcoast, so they become very "americanized" - that is to say, proud, wanting to learn, and willing to share.

The arabs here (california) aren't that assimilated yet into the culture that is diversity. They are really nice society, just not 'out-there' yet.
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[User Picture]From: nepenthes59
2004-07-15 05:16 pm (UTC)
A lot of people here don't think the Arab community is Americanized enough ^^;; A lot of Arabs wear traditional clothes here, and many women wear hajab, and I say more power to them. One gal told me she liked to wear hajab because here in America it was her choice to do so.

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From: mrhydeisme
2004-07-15 05:52 pm (UTC)
Ah, that's really interesting! Perhaps we stumbled upon some anomaly... I guess the thing is, that society tries to lump all the people that speak arabic as "Arab" -- but the truth is, there are a lot of differences between the countries, even though many of the countries were arbitrarily drawn in by fat old white people to make colonization easier (You probably know that, I don't think many people understand the gravity of that...)

On another comment, every first generation american-born arab that I've met is COMPLETELY americanized, other than religious reasons (such as hijab), they speak american, wear american clothes, and listen to american (or french or japanese or non-arab) music; the immigrants are always more 'ethnic'...

I can imagine that those women that wear ethnic clothes are 90% DEFINITELY the generation that immigrated here... the other 10% are just superbly religious.

and about hijab -- I totally agree -- if it's completely the woman's choice, then so be it! In fact, sometimes it can be sort of stylish. It's too bad that many americans have completely demonized the headscarf. Audrey Hepburn wore it very well.
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