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Bragging time...

Ah - anybody that knows me in the slightest, knows that I am not one to brag about myself (quite the contrary probably - Self deprecation and I go hand in hand LOL) .. However, I do love to brag about others, especially my family.

My Aunt came into to town and will be staying til Dec 31 *Confetti*..she is my 'great & groovy' Aunt Pat - My Dad came from a family of 6 brothers & 6 sisters - and his Mother died when the youngest was 3, so you can imagine that they have had an interesting life.. Oh yes, they are Irish Catholic - so extremely emotional and dramatic to boot. My Aunt Patty just finished writing a super book detailing the family history - going way back into early history. Such a labor of love this was, and my father did some really great illustrations for the book.

Today, Leigh & I , my folks and my Aunt were totally entertained by a local production of a Boar's head festival. (Everyone dresses up in period clothes - they wassail, do some old English caroles & retell the story of the Birth of Christ, 3 kings...) My oldest brother composed the music (It's even copyrighted,I believe) and directed the symphony. I've seen it performed for a few years now, and it's just amazing. So surprising that in a small community there would be so many talented vocalists.

Yum! I had some delicious Thai food for dinner (LOL Thai food cooked by Hmong folks.. many Hmong folks around here run Thai restaurants) >.< Why is it that all the good restaurants are at least a half hour away from my house? Harummph.. Our favorite Japanese restaurant is just down the street from this Thai restaurant. I think there is a city bylaw in the town where I live that all restaurants must be either
1. Fast food chain
2. All you can eat
3. Steak house

I must admit, I am rather amused to think of big Weenies like
Trent Lott having to squirm after make a total poophead of himself .. I heard Michael Feldman Say (From the show "what do ya know") "He's got one foot in the old South & the other in his mouth" ..

I hope to get some Christmas cards written up tomorrow - I swear, I just am so behind with all of it - ahh!! Perhaps they could be New Year's cards.. ^.~
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