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I think I need to go more under cover

>.< What's up with this person? Someone out of the blue IM me - & I had ignored them yesterday. It was a name I didn't recognize, and usually that just means some icky eww creepo who wants to know what I'm wearing. Again this persons pops up today and asks if I do transport.

Well, I think I have animal rescue in my interest list - so ahh yeah I've done dog transports. Remember, I don't know who this person is, where they are Nothing.. and they start hammering away asking how fast can I put 'legs' together (That means arrange point A to B of a dog pickup .. i.e. You arrange to go from Toledo to Windsor, then someone meets you and goes from Windsor to Leamington) I was just so Wtf? Who ARE you? & stop bothering me. Maybe I'm just cranky because of a painful night without sleep ^^;; Chatting with friends online can be fun, but these random things bother me. So I just turned off my YIM, problem solved.

Sent out packages to Codi & Cherrytetsu.

I wonder what the lj record is for most posts in a day? I think some people may have their lj on some auto generated mode - as I swear I've seen some people post a dozen a day! lol
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