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early laruku spam

While I could barely keep my eyes open today for being just so tired - I must be able to spam in my sleep

I have only seen a few Hiro/Pero era clips, and well what can I say? Thank goodness for Sakura & Ken - or perhaps I just saw more of them and learned to like them better.

*chu* to Ame of Kuroi larc for pics~ ^_^

for some reason I love the following pic

deja vue - I posted some before, but a slight variation

^^;; please someone tell me I don't need to so panic about Otakon~~~~~~
breathes in & out.. I think someone I talked to is coming from Thailand~
& really this is silly of me, as in the scheme of things in the world - this is hardly stress I have any right to whine about.. it's just a pain I suppose

Sending out a big hug to everyone -because this world needs more lurve increasement ^_^ we can start one hug at a time... Hugs not bombs! hey would it catch on? *dork* ok ok I'll be quiet (by the way.. I do have friends who run an org called food not bombs I know them thru a couple I met at a vegetarian festival.. and they were the sweetest couple - so don't let all the rather leftist/militant groups scare you! *laugh*)
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