nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

we interrupt for a totally silly post

hahah ! the loverly DH is always joking about a Gaku-Hai furby fic I teased to write.. and OMG really I hardly ever ever save AIM chat logs, but found this

YatchanDaisuki: Ri-chan's online!
Nepenthes59: suge!
Nepenthes59: *waves*
YatchanDaisuki: ^_^
YatchanDaisuki: I didn't catch hidoko though.
YatchanDaisuki: she has a livejournal. Did you know?
Nepenthes59: *sniffle* no!
Nepenthes59: oshiete kudasai!
__above left for nostalgia..! kyaa it was when I first learned of Hidoko's lj *chu*

Nepenthes59: ufufu when will YOU get your lj? ahah
Nepenthes59: joudan
YatchanDaisuki: ^^ well, actually, I never got one cuz I am lazy... and I never update... hehehe

YatchanDaisuki: Hmm... well, it's only a paragraph!
YatchanDaisuki: You can't give up so soon!!
Nepenthes59: haha
YatchanDaisuki: as I said. free your mind.
YatchanDaisuki: write as the words come in.
YatchanDaisuki: elaborate a draft, like a storyboard.
YatchanDaisuki: don't worry about the details, you will take care of that later.
YatchanDaisuki: just... type on.
Nepenthes59: hahah
YatchanDaisuki: type all the words.
YatchanDaisuki: and don't stop until your muse stops dictating.
YatchanDaisuki: don't contradict your muse.
YatchanDaisuki: or she will clam up.
Nepenthes59: "hyde stood naked at the window as an army of furbies started to pillage the neighborhood"
YatchanDaisuki: yeah, go on.
YatchanDaisuki: that sounds like a story I would get addicted to.
Nepenthes59: hahaha
YatchanDaisuki: "with incredulous eyes he looked at the horrible scene developing before him
YatchanDaisuki: Could this be true?
YatchanDaisuki: Could be Gackt commanding the furbies??"
YatchanDaisuki: XDDD
Nepenthes59: Or what is this?? is there an army of Panda puppets
Nepenthes59: right behind?
YatchanDaisuki: XDDDDDD
Nepenthes59: and damn - hyde had to piss yet again for it was 250th can of namacha tea
YatchanDaisuki: Please!!!!!! WRITE THAT FIC!!!!!!!
Nepenthes59: hahaha
YatchanDaisuki: such bad timing... nature calls even undercover super-heroes like him.
YatchanDaisuki: YOU GOTTA WRITE IT!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!
YatchanDaisuki: if you don't believe me, ask hidoko when she comes online.
Nepenthes59: well if it can be totally screwy
YatchanDaisuki: You'll see she agrees.
Nepenthes59: yes I will
YatchanDaisuki: make it a PWP
YatchanDaisuki: but write it
Nepenthes59: hahahaha
YatchanDaisuki: you can change it later.
Nepenthes59: PWP = bananas
Nepenthes59: hot fudge sauce
Nepenthes59: mwahahaha
YatchanDaisuki: make it funny.... hahahahaha! Ne... I meant "Plot, what plot?" kinda ficcie.
Nepenthes59: yes
YatchanDaisuki: actually, that's a superb fic.
YatchanDaisuki: I tell you.
YatchanDaisuki: especially when you make such a high contrast.
YatchanDaisuki: lit. language threading with a totally wacky plot.
YatchanDaisuki: people are bound to love it.
Nepenthes59: hahah
Nepenthes59: yes I'll quote Shelley...
Nepenthes59: as furbies
YatchanDaisuki: it's written in a very serious way, but the situations are just hilarious.
YatchanDaisuki: who must save the world (whichever world) from the attack of the evil plushies
YatchanDaisuki: okaeri!
Nepenthes59: tadaima!
Nepenthes59: oh!!!!!!!!!
Nepenthes59: and the furbies
YatchanDaisuki: yes!
Nepenthes59: could have a special secret code
Nepenthes59: on cd for hyde to save the world
Nepenthes59: BUT GAAAAAAAA
YatchanDaisuki: wait, I'll go for a smoke. Yes he MUST HAVE A SPECIAL CODE
Nepenthes59: it's label gate cd
Nepenthes59: he freakin has a mac
YatchanDaisuki: yeah! hahaha
YatchanDaisuki: and he only has a mac!!
YatchanDaisuki: hahahahahahaha
YatchanDaisuki: Oh, please, punish him like that!!!
YatchanDaisuki: please, please, please, please, please!!
YatchanDaisuki: I know!
YatchanDaisuki: hahahaha
YatchanDaisuki: wait, I'll go for a smoke and I'll brb
Nepenthes59: ^_^ k!
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