nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Help me! I've fallen off my soapbox !

Leigh picked me up today from work in "old red" (my Volvo wagon w/a NOW WORKING speedometer *yay* ) & we both cringed at hearing this story on NPR...
This story is about a 40 something single woman who decides she wants to have a child .. Maybe this woman is a really lovely woman, and truly loves children - but is it just me to find this so incredibly selfish? Why oh why, would someone willingly have a child w/o a father. Disclaimer: I think there are super duper single Moms out there - I just think well, erff if you are that determined on having a kid, shouldn't you adopt someone who NEEDS a home? (maybe it's my years of animal rescue - I feel the same way about kids - and while my pregnancy ended in miscarriage, if I really was determined I always wanted to adopt) frankly. I think if you can't have kids, or you are a gay married couple... well I see that as God's way of saying you need to help out those homeless kids out there..

The picking & choosing of a mate (go to a sperm bank and pick skin color, educ, blahblah) made me ... nervous. ^^;; erff and crap - she finally picks someone who is close to her life... but hey! her insurance pays for it. Artificial insemination costs like thousands of dollars... Why doesn't she just have sex with her friend?*laugh*

well anyhoo - it was a reminder how while Leigh & I are really an odd pair in so many ways, we both cringed simultaneously at this. So I think it is our from the heart values that kept us together all this time..

however maybe I'm selfish in many ways, and shouldn't be so critical
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