nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

The party's over...

ahh well that didn't go so badly (well everyone is just still doofin around and cleaning up - so I am not feeling guilty at the moment).. One advantage to being the only vegan at a Midwestern Holiday party - never fear overeating ufufufu

We played this game that was a lot of fun - everyone takes turns rolling dice - and if you get doubles you have to run up put on a santa hat & small knit gloves.. then try to unwrap this impossibly wrapped & taped pkg. .. it starts w/a big box, with many wrapped boxes inside it (some boxes have little prizes) but sometimes - you may just get on the gloves, and somebody else runs up take them from you..

Thanks Katie - for making me giggle once again - and yes of course I cheated .. (oh let me see.. If I pick all the answers w/Tetsu in them.. will I get hyde? ) ... I'm not too critical of peoples tushies myself.. as long as you can sit on it, I guess it serves its purpose =p as I glance at my nonexistent behind

Which of My Favorite J-Rocker's Asses Are You?

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