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Happy Independence Day

I'm not quite sure why, but I never felt really very patriotic... Admitedly, I've never been a USA #1!!! type person because - well I've met people from all over and learned how much they love their homeland (and sometimes hate it) - so it seems quite like religion to me.. ahah it's a matter of circumstance.

That said -thank you to everyone who risks their life for me in the Service, as I'm a vegan hippie pacifist and .. well crimini, I can't eat a McDonald's hamburger, let alone think of killing someone for my country.... ^^;; (Really, wouldn't we all be better off to be pacifists? then.. ahah~ it would be like just love, no war!!!! oh hush! stop laughing ..) XD However when people put theirselves in Harms way, even if I disagree with the reason - I want them to know I am grateful.. Does that make sense?

ahhhhhhhh Yesterday was like an eternity of shopping Sadly, I was born without the I love to shop gene, but it was with my neighbor Mim. Mim is one of those people that makes the world such a better place, animal rescuer extraodinaire, a heart of gold - and I adore her to pieces.
She doesn't know of my journal so hahaha I'm not even kissing up ^.~
Yesterday we planned a quick "rush to Windsor Ontario" trip (Mim used to live there for a short bit, and well the dollar is worth more, and frankly their stores are so much nicer) >.< why on the holiday weekend do you keep bridge from Det-Windsor construction going (and I mean no people working but those blasted orange little cones) and then have them in some cracked-induced configuration..Gahhh! sigh

Then after Windsor we went shopping in the US (we can't buy produce in Canada.. why not? lol - I'm sure they all bought it at Eastern market - which is in Detroit)

Today I went to Mim's house for a little 4th lunch - she is so sweet, she made some pasta salad and set aside a portion for me with no cheese in it. She then shows me the seasoning she used for the salad & *laugh* the first ingredient was dried romano cheese. gahh such a dilemma for a vegan, I started to eat it then realized what was in it. She kept apologizing, I hope she doesn't really feel bad. That's an odd dilema when you are vegan.. you come upon that time when you eat something you think is safe..and find it isn't. Perhaps only borntohula will understand. You dont want to be disrespectful, it just puts you in an odd spot.

this pic for Naomi

Picture is from the coolest picture book - Ntl Geographic Images of the world
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