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I'd start to panic, but I'm to freakin tired

Well cri - mi - niii.. I'm so darn tired I feel like I could just fall asleep at my desk. Wild parties the night before? haha - no more like cramps and kissing away what little iron I had in my system.

After hearing the somewhat anticipated gnashing of teeth and "Oh, why oh why can't Laruku come to my subdivision?" I don't know if I should be concerned bout the wonderful lack of details from the hard working people at Otakon. Sure, I know it's volunteer & I understand all that, it just seems like a lot to ask people to commit to airfare, hotel, passes and then give them zero to no actual specifics about what is going on.. Perhaps if I had any interest in anime at all, it wouldn't be so bad *laugh*
Sorry, it's my cranky energy drained self speaking (that and the fact that I'm afraid to total up how much I've spent on this thing already..
The Volvo dealer just called to say the 2nd Odometer was in. Last week Leigh took it in for an odometer replacement - $600 - only to get a call from them that "Oh, the Speedometer doesn't work".. gahh Well know I know how far I've gone, but I have no idea the speed - it's a bit nervewracking. No tickets yet though.

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