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I hope you enjoy it - spam [Jun. 24th, 2004|10:46 am]
[Current Music |oasis]

A lot of you have probably heard this already - http://www.tofurecords.com The lovely diluendo wrote a very nice message on Hydeist bbs about it -

I had tried to spam earlier - but I downloaded an mp3 - and my PC decided it didn't like it - as it froze every time I tried to open it

On w/the spam

There are some people in the dorky fandom land I'm in that I would LOVE to see leave..and there are also good friends there - that would make me very sad to see go - like my dear friend -DH It's not that I insist everyone likes what I do, it's just I feel so sad that it's such a stressful time for her. It's not about leaving, it's the reason why.

I hope my entries don't become a source of irritation. All my love & good wishes to you.