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Joe Scott Spam

sedefendendo had inquired if my Dad has a site - well yesireee.. This is a local gallery where he shows his work. His works are done with acrylics and creates texture as well (he uses sponges to apply the paint - often he will cut a stencil of the drawing, then sponge apply paint w/the stencil) - The paintings are 3dimensional as well and often incorporating pieces of glass or mirror.

Also - on our family website
Under photos you can see "Joe's paintings"

& how sad, to realize I've always been a dorky fangirl., well sort of. I actually had this Tigerbeat magazine featured in the link- and I hate to admit, for some time had a poster of Donny Osmond on my wall (well hey, we were pretty limited then.. Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, Donny Osmond or Michael Jackson) -
We didn't have the internet then, so I never came across any Osmond slash *dies at that though* .. oh wait, I'll burn in hell forever now - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir may hunt me down yet

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