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can we all pray for peace?

The photos in Le ciel site have not yet been updated for the 6/18 Laruku live, only the set list. I thought it was maybe just my pc acting up,but Perdita mentioned it too.

Ready steady go
Lover boy
Heaven’s drive
Coming closer
Time goes on
SE (Larva)
Lies & Truth
Hitomi no Juunin
Driver’s High
Feeling Fine
Ibara no Namida
Milky Way (P’unk ~en~Ciel)
Round & Round (P’unk ~ en ~Ciel)
Jiyuu he no Shotai
Stay Away

ackk poo had to call in sick yet I sat up in pain thru the night and took pain meds due to IBS (which means irritable bowel syndrome - but really it's more like incredibly bloated stomach. It's like your digest track decides to go on strike - I wish I had a webcam, I look like I'm 9 months pregnant when this happens-

& my little whiney rants are so trivial - while home the news cut in with the tragic event in Saudi - beheading of Paul Johnson. Well ~ just ~~ CRAP.. and I send all my love and prayers to sedefendendo too - these must be awfully anxious times. While I don't believe in chain e-mail, I do believe in good thoughts and prayers - so please join me in wishing everyone in harms way our very best.
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