nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

organized people don't make the exciting discoveries that I do

Joe Scott art spam

I so often feel.. oh gahhh I suck - I'm such a clutter bug, is it persistent laziness ? I really hate that I feel like such a .. packrat, clutterbug, unorganized fool. Usually it comes to a head (like now) and I just start pulling my hair and want to be neat again. If I have a destined place for things, usually it's not so hard..but oh well darn I need to take time of and clean up MY clutter - I will do that soon.

>.< errff Leigh's birthday was on the 14th. I tried to think of a nice gift and decided upon an office chair. He had been spending hours at the table w/his laptop doing homework and the chair (which is so cool, he made it - but it's like a stool no back or anything) I thought was not so supportive - so when I showed him a picture of the item his reaction was kinda like this...

here is the wonderful Leigh (I'm in the purple.. and my lovely cousin Tut&Cookie...from our family reunion a few years back)

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