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6/12 Le ciel update AND LIVE REPORT!!!! [Jun. 12th, 2004|10:52 am]
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Set list
Ready Steady Go
Lover Boy
Heaven's Drive
Coming CLoser
Time Goes on SE (Larva)
Lies & Truth
Hitomi no Juunin
Driver's High
Feeling Fine
Honey Revelation
Ibara no Namida
Milky way (punk en ciel)
Round & Round (Punk en ciel)
Jiyuu he no shotai
Stay Away

squea! I guess spamming up the wazoo can pay off ^.~ The exquisite Sylvia & Ursula from the UK were so gracious as to send me their live report...

We went to see them in Yokohama Arena on 05/12. It was marvellous and highly addictive (as you will see). We came closer to the stage then we ever thought we would come and it was truly exciting. The tickets, which we got organized by our japanese friend proofed well worth. It was so impressive to see them appearing on stage the first time - it was really them. We never thought they would be that perfect - especially compared with SSD, where they haven't been in their best shape. But in Yokohama they were gorgeous and Haido-san is as cute as you can imagine. With the long, brown hair and that black outfit he is damed sexy. To be just, one has to say, that they all looked awesome.
We really came to like the SMILE titles during the live. They got their qualities. Guess you would have liked "Coming closer" and "Loverboy"!
They also played their new song - which found immediately a way into my otherwise completely unmusical brain. This is also the reason why we actually cannot judge if the performance was perfect in a musical sense. But to us it seemed to be quite good. They all did very well. Yuki is such a great drummer - he is always kind of precise and powerful. And the older he gets, the better he looks. He is so cool.
Haido-san was most amazing - no comparison to SSD. Obviously the 666 Tour was a good practice for him. We would sell our pour little souls to get a DVD of it. The same applies to the Matthew's Show, where he is such a gigglish girl - judged from the pictures we have seen. Luckily he ist not looking as dorkish (how you might call it) as in one of your most recent posts - he is cute and pretty (trust two eye-witnesses). And the Newsmaker pictures from the concert prove this as well. They capture the atmosphere very nicely. His movements were like in former Laruku-days. He seems to be quite genki at the moment, like the three others. Hopefully they keep it up over the whole tour.
We did our fair amount of shopping - the tour pamphlet ist quite cute. May we presume that you got an issue in your hands already - you are always so advanced with this kind of stuff. We can just wonder where the hell are you getting it from.

After Yokohama we have been in an elated mood for days. On our journey through Japan we travelled to Kyoto on Sunday. It was pouring with rain and our tormented souls looked for some pleasure. We knew there are the Nagoya concerts on 05/15 and 16. And so we boarded the Shinkansen again and went to Rainbow Hall. We did the incredible thing and bought tickets at Yakuza-kun (expensive, but aren't they boys worth it???) and once you are addicted......
Rainbow Hall is smaller then Yokohama Arena and we had very good seats. Yokohama was perfect, but Nagoya had a very nice live atmosphere. It took quite a while until Haido-san took of his coat (which he was always wearing during the first few sets. "Haido, take off that coast. It is too hot for you" (comment from my sister). An we want to see what you are wearing underneath!!! It was something black again and it looked expensive, like all their clothing does.
It was a splendid performance again, although they had to fight with some technical problems. So Haido-san had to do quite a lot of talking: and so we learned that he recently came to like shochu with water and umeboshi, since it doesn't give him headache the following day. We followed the recommendation and had that drink with our Tempura Dinner - it is very nice! He is so adorable when he is talking, always pulling such a cute face. Oh, he had his naughty moments too, like sticking his tongue out and showing his middle finger to the audience.
At the end the PV of the new single was shown on a big screen - it is so nice and very Laruku. Just give Haido-san a microphone and put him into a cage and he knows what he has to do.

It was such a fruitful trip to Japan - lots of memories and CDs: Tierra and True which were still missing in our collection, and DVDs: Dive to blue is the utmost on cuteness and Driver's High is great too: 4 Japanese making fun out of the American way of life (sorry). And Finale got such stunning visual effects like Tetsu with red hair and coat on that stormy cliff.
We bought some DVDs from Gackt Live's as well. I was quite astonished that he actually can sing (my sister is throwing stones on me) and he is very cute and entertaining despite the cool image he always tries to give himself. We never know if you like him. You always make jokes about him, aren't you. But you are joking about Haido-san as well, although we may presume that you too are a victim of his uber-cuteness. And the both of us are also not the most serious people. Otherwise we would not have taken to Laruku etc. at our already advanced age. We have to confess that the Yokohama concert was the first in this kind of musical category, were we ever went. And it was fun!!!! Sometimes we think that the older generation has much more energy then the youngsters nowadays - at least in Europe we can see that very clearly. It was so funny to see how genki those four in their mid-thirties have been. That even helps to forget your own age.

Hope our little essay did not get too boring and you had as much fun reading it as we have sometimes with your Lj. Just thinking of that pretty Haido picture where he is holding the pen in his hand - that was one to make a day!!!!
Keep the Laruku spam up - ganbatte ne.
All our best wishes to you.

Ursula and Silvia
(another two who obviously went straight into fangirliedom - beyond reason and age).

& to Ursala & Silvia.. thank you x 100~~! BTW I DO Like Gackt.. ahh he's just fun to joke about.. but I buy his music - it's the music that's important eh?

[User Picture]From: violetcloud
2004-06-12 03:37 pm (UTC)
cool! is that tetsu in the last pic? he has such pretty hands!!!! ooookay ill stop the geekiness now...

but anyways thats a cool live report and your friends sound really nice too =D
i cant wait to see them live...
because I WILL SEE THEM LIVE at least once in my life -_- hopefully... NO none of that "hopefully" business... I WILL SEE THEM LIVE!!!
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[User Picture]From: bijuarukei
2004-06-12 04:05 pm (UTC)
They sound absolutely thrilled that they went. Make sure they know about all the kudos we're giving them!
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From: mrhydeisme
2004-06-12 07:23 pm (UTC)
What a wonderful review your friends did!

As always, thank you for the l'arc fan pictures :)

FURTHERMORE, I can't believe anything better than the SSD live... so your friends say this was better?!?! That's so exciting!!!!!!!

I hope they record more than just one day for the live DVD; sort of like the special they did for Hyde's 666, when they showed the Other Side, which was from another day. And like the B Side of SSD.

I love seeing all of their clothes, and hairstyles. And messups! :)
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[User Picture]From: takarai
2004-06-13 06:02 pm (UTC)
Wow it sounded so great. ^^ I want to go to the tour but I won't be arriving there any time soon. ~.~;
What happened to Tetsu and Ken? ^^ hehe

Ew... Gackt. XD I can only like his old stuff... his new stuff is kinda weird for me. LoL! And... not to be shallow... he looks weird now to me too.
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