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You poor people .. never too sick to spam

6/10 Set list

Lover Boy
Heaven's Drive
Coming Closer
Time goes on
Hitomi no Juunin
Spirit Dream's Inside
Driver's High
Feeling Fine
Milky Way (Punk en ciel)
Round & Round (Punk en ciel)
Jiyuu he no Shotai
Blurry Eyes

Day 4 of my never ending sinus earache migrainey... blah feeling. Really I just felt so tired (it's probably pms.. and the fact that we've had these Ozone action days = The air is more polluted then normally) so I called in sick.. Then I remembered there was this all staff meeting yadayada at work. People have put so much effort into this stuff {albeit boring stuff) & it was quasi-mandatory - so I figured I should go. btw - I went home right after the meeting

Here is my worry- The other day my boss pulls me aside and asks me if I have some trouble getting to work on time. hrmm.. well having that flood, 3 periods in a month, and whatever - yeah I guess I did seem to have a few 'gonna be late' days. Normally I get to work earlier then normal - I often stay later then normal.
I started to go into some brief detail about endometriosis.. and well like most guys, any talk of period related trouble makes them sort of squeamish) So my going to work for the meeting was sort of due to that too.. I've yet to take a vacation since my new job - I have many many vacation days & except for 1 or 2 days, all the ones I have 'taken' have been me donating them to other employees in my union who are sick. ahh Perhaps my frustration is - had I been clairvoyant and requested the time off as vacation, nobody would mind. sorry that babble was rather worthless

Well I'm glad I did make the effort to show up at work. It was a presentation of really tedious work related 'implementation team stuff' - but people worked hard to make this mind numbingly dull stuff interesting. hahaha! The section about the Website at work was funny.. My dear friend rakshi & one of the people I work for - John {he is such a sweetie, everyone needs a boss like John} were on this team, so their presentation was LoTR related!!! and a sidenote to pimpinhyde the whole Middle Earth Powerpoint presentation was John's idea! ahahha how funny.. a Power point LoTR presentation - about where to find resources, and throwing in pictures of Sam and Frodo along the way. & never to miss an opportunity to pimp my dear coworker's lovely Sean Astin site
LJ EDIT - I posted a link to a story that Rick Moranis had died - it seems bogus, so let's hope so, as it doesn't appear anywhere else

Otakon Registration, tickets, hotel CHECK! I spoke with fadestory ^_^
Woot...she will be going, and maybe Chiye? I'm so looking forward to meeting up w/new friends too.. We all must try and set a time to meet up (or haha will we just be the ones cluttered around the JpopHouse booth?) Still intending to continue my Midwestern Housewife cosplay (line stolen from Sophie)

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