nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

>.< Kawailarc site is down - please excuse the missing photos..

ahh Tofurkey day! ahh yes yes.. amongst most everyone else.. it is turkey day, but for us geeky vegans - tofurkey day. Such a lovely time with the incredibly generous friends of my brother Doug who have invited us, our parents & my husband parents..
(ok .. trivia fact - my husband Leigh - he is also my brother in law. In other words, a brother & sister married a brother & sister.. go figure)

I started cooking on Monday. I made Greek bread on Monday - Rolls on Tuesday - Chocolate cake & Walnut Orange Bread... perhaps it doesn't sound like a lot - but bread takes a lot of time ~ however I seem to get into a zen thing with it, it is quite enjoyable.

Of course - we brought a Tofurkey (always a conversation starter).
It is so great that my brother's friends invite us all over for Thanksgiving (It has been 3 years now) .. they have such a great spirit & energy (like la de da.. no problem.. ) and my parents are no longer saddles with Turkey dinner duty (O.o nobody wants to come to my house w/3 hairy dogs.. haha)

The day after - me & my neighbor (gosh what a gift she was.. I had this horrible neighbor from hell.. she moved .. then Mim moved in with DOGS! Yes love at first site! lol) we went to Windsor Ontario the day after Thanksgiving.. no massive crowds! (well Canadian Thanksgiving is much earlier) but.. poo I didn't buy much.. I am so not in a shopping / holiday thing mood.. *fuu*

Priss - Erff I finally got off my lazybutt & mailed out Tetsu69 cd to you..
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