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almost like new

*confetti* - It's nice to not have the loaner laptop any longer. I'm thinking I really need to give my computer a pet name *laugh* - maybe it will be better computer karma. Our work website page wouldn't display, however - something to do with bratty java applets. The computer tech guy had to come back and then fix that - MSN sure doesn't like to do things the easy way, do they?

We've had more rain here in May then during any month since they kept track of weather stats.

Humor is a subjective thing, but I figure if you can't enjoy poking fun at Jrockers as a major benefit to belonging to this fandom, then.. that's just sad. My favorite ^.~.. ML poster was calling out deaththreats (OK I exaggerate) for the maintainers of this site. Disclaimer, I find this site hysterical Especially this section

Lynnchan posted this French site which I think is also hysterical - check out the Dental & Surgery section

I came across this site today - it's rather neat, and it has a section to download Jiyuu He No Shoutai stuff.. I'm not familiar with the 'dreamygirlish' singer - but it's quite a cute site

I found a Ken bbs. . too bad I can't read Chinese

I got IM from someone I don't know - and of course first they ask is
1. are you a girl or guy?
2. how old are you

Their handle name made it obvious that the person was a Laruku fan. It just seemed odd - I had no idea who the person was- So they asked if I had a lot of friends who liked Laruku I said that only online friends I had did.
Person I don't know:"Can you give me some of their email addresses?"
Me: "Have I ever talked to you before? Do I know you?"
Person I don't know: "No, this is the first time"

>.< Oh yeah righty-oh! I hope you guys don't mind me giving her all of your email addresses.. JUST KIDDING Perhaps she is really a sweet kid, I would have no way to know.

I want to make flight arrangements for Otakon - but I have NO idea how long the event lasts on the last day. Anyone have an idea?
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