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Please wipe your feet before stepping on me

Oh those crazy cosplayers ~! I'm always impressed at how much effort goes into this type of thing. Maybe it's just me, but I think she would probably be a better Gackt cosplayer (from a look alike standpoint)
Hyde cosplayer

Hrmmm. A friend posted a picture of an American cosplayer, and all these comments got posted "OMG OMG" because she was a large person. Is there some type of weight standard for a cosplayer? Admittedly, I've joked that Duel Jewel must have been frightened because cosplayers in Japan are cute girls & here, they are often big guys who don't shower & Live in their parent's basements.. I must wonder, in the geekiest of all geeky things (which are cons and congoers.. and oh Please, stop looking at me like that)... is there also some fat person bias?
Oh well there goes another comment which may alienate me again from most of the people reading this..

Instant chatting with a friend yesterday, she told me that she hates that I will complain about things and yet remain a 'doormat'. Hrmm It made me think, (as I don't see myself as a 'doormat')
#1 - It made me wonder if I complain too much.. I think complaining can be lethal and creates a spiral of negative energy that is hard to avoid...

I know that I'm a very passive person, and in fact - it's always my intention to not be aggressive, I don't care if that's in fashion or not. Do really aggressive people (or people who have a more in your face approach) get really irritated by personality types like me? For the most part, I've felt that my happiness or misery is created by my own reaction to things. Sure, a coworker can be annoying, but for me I think the key is in how I behave - I really shouldn't focus on their behavior as much as my own.. Well, I know that becoming a more aggressive and dominant type personality is just not in my being, it's not.. However, I will think about complaining less.. Really, who wants to hear that?

A lovely Jiyuu he no shotai wp - Thanks to Cats & Hyden ciel!

Hugs to all the friends who are A-kon bound... ^0^ & once again tries to sneak in on the family huggy goodness that is sedefendendo Beats away anyone who wants to take away your lj...
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