nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Suite November - deja vue

YAY I got Both *DOH!* copies of Suite November today - !! ^_^ Oh, I am quite liking it.. Hopefully - I can send out the extra copy Monday Midori ^_^ It was so neat to talk with you & Chiye online.. I hope you guys have a rootin tootin time!

Ahh box I think you will become quite popular now that you posted your photo -- I'm always tempted to post a photo of some gorgeous person and claim it is me .. haha

YAY! I got my External cd burner hooked up at work - so I can burn the freakishly large amount of mpegs I've accumulated from winmx - albeit I do not understand how to do stuff since they upgraded ... everyone can download from me - but it's hard to download myself.. doh!

O.o as I am typing all of a sudden Track 69 from Suite Nov plays.. I thought the cd had stopped playing haha
"Tezman!!!!" I do love how in the lyric sheet - there is a picture of Tezuko & 4 other Tetsus.. how silly

I think my Deaf friends would enjoy all those silent tracks on Suite November hahaha ... ahhhhh I've been so out of touch with the Deaf community ^^;; I need to get back in...

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