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Poster child for Dead PCs

I wasn't sure if I needed to Hyde this HyTsu pic behind a lj cut.. but heck, it was the smallest of all the spam pics, so nyanya
{I should post this on the ML for some folks who are always making stupid and annoying comments ^.~)

The computer tech guy came by today and said they ordered me a new hard drive from Dell. So good news, new hard drive- bad news.. everything was lost on the other one. He told me he wanted to make me the poster child for people who've had their PCs crash, because he thought I was taking it very well. *laugh*... As soon as it died last week, I knew in my heart it was fried.. It's not like I could do anything about it, and it wasn't the computer tech guys fault either. Also, listening to 自由への招待 non stop must be theraputic.

More worrisome then fried hard drives - rather vague threats about another potential terrorist attack on the US in July.

The Rest of the spam

Hugs to Kana - I hope you feel better and have a great time
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