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It's raining, it's pouring

I had some comp time from work due me for extra hours I worked last week.. and feeling totally useless and unmotivated to face the challenge of restoring my computer files.. I said to heck with it and left at 1:30.

Well crimini jimini - a good thing I did too. >.They don't call this area 'downriver' for nothing..</a>
Some pics of the area - and Yo! keep those smokes dry (This is about 5 minutes from my house)

Yay I'm Insane HYDE - Must be kismet, as I know as much about Satanism as I do about Goths (Read - NOTHING) - so this was my answer at just randomly selected answers

Insane Idiot
You're not a Satanist, you're insane. It's people
like you who give Satanism a bad reputation.
Look, we understand that even rejects need a
clique of sorts, so why don't you begin
listening to punk rock instead? Er, I mean,
Satan commands you to listen to punk rock and
stop 'worshipping' him. Either that, or do the
world a favour and kill yourself before you
tarnish the reputation of Satanists by being a

How Satanic Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

& it's really hard to believe that this Abu Ghraib prison story could get any more distressing, but it's frightening to think of what pics we CANT see >.<

Some websites are set up so that it's almost too easy to place an order ^0^ (like Amazon).. I couldn't believe how incredibly frustrating it was to get YesAsia to fill a simple gift order.. It was even easier to get my account/VISA status OK'd at Shouldn't the process be relatively painless? Should I really have to fax them a current credit card statement and my birth certificate? (joking about the b cert..) I remember calling their Cust serv people once & they were very nice - but their online processing seemed awfully wonky. While I was very happy to be buying a gift for a friend, I just found their process really cumbersome - *files this under complaining about something really insignifigant: P for pointless*

Keep high & dry everyone

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