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Yay! CD Japan shipped out Suite November.. Oh.. what's this? *smacks stupid head* DOH! I must have reset the order screen or something because I got 2 emails from them with 2 different order numbers... oh well

It seems that there are a lot of Harry Potter enthusiasts in LJ land. May I ask some help from you? Takahiro, who I tutor, loves Harry Potter and is reading it in Japanese. For our lessons, I started to concentrate on sentences about the story.
Helayne knows next to diddly doo about Harry Potter - I would like to create some study sheets using simple present ... such as
Harry and Ron have a pet owl. Hermoine has a pet cat. Hermoine hates to study 予言 (prophecies)...
So I know little facts about them - so if some could let me know some simple facts I can incorporate in lessons - I'd appreciate it.

^_^ I knew it..I knew it! There is a place for
old farts like me ! ufufu I did meet some people over 40 in Hydeist, so I figured there had to be more.

OK - excuse me while I wonder out loud for a bit (erff I guess that's part of the purpose of this silly lj, isn't it?). I wonder about the use of the expression "Oh, that is SO gay..." - or variants on it. (No KT..I'm not singling you out =p.. honest, lots of people make these type of comments) When I hear it, it tells me : Gay = stupid
So, when gay folk hear this.. are they insulted? I used to be on the Diversity committee at work - and gay issues were always hardest to deal with. On woman who I work with is NOW on the Diversity committee ~ and of course their role is to make things fair, equal in the workplace. While we talk about racial issues & things - one day she talked about some other coworkers who are gay, and made fun of them by doing that 'exaggerated' gay walk, talk.. limp wrist thing. I can't imagine she would do that about some other cultural group.. Hrmm I just wonder about things like this,... and for people that tell me I'm just to PC - well
shoot me (see Moonchild gallery on liv chan's page)
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