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Do you know the way to the sky?

Leigh made a ramp for our backdoor entry so that it would be easier for the cranky frankie.. ^^;; I hope it helps a bit, but he still is having troubles manuevering about, and I'm totally helpless. It's quite a nice ramp though - even though Sally was a bit freaked out by it.. for such a barkyface, she gets easily freaked out

Such a sad and tragic thing happened to a coworker's nephew. He hit a police car & the officer was killed - Needless to say, things don't look very good for his future-

& while seeing some recent Le ciel pics, I once again think of, and am worried about Hazukichan. (she is my Leciel/Hydeist connection) I had planned to send her a card this weekend to see how she is doing, but I wasn't able to do much of anything since having to Leave work early on Friday.

I didn't know until I came across this article that Brad Pitt is known as "Burapi" in Japanese *laugh* .. & while the JToday BBS posters are among the crankiest people on the net, some of the comments are interesting ( why Brad is Buratto, and not Buraddo )

OsamabinHaido strikes again! He's already had my bank account hostage for months now
 *note to self, remember to watch Frontline* This sounds really interesting.. & as it seems more & more apparent that our Govt gives a ratsass about Human rights, ... I'm finding it hard to believe that God is in the picture.
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