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spamming on the job

Well, I know I'm truly a sad case when I find myself putting Hydespam in work related material..

I had an early day today - arrived at work at about 7:45 (normal start time is 8:30). I had 2 consultants with workshops going on at the same time. There is someone in the dept who usually takes care of just registration, but she doesn't start until 9:00 and both workshops started before 8:30.

Anyhoo - I sat myself down at a table with signs I made for each workshop on either end . I survived double registration! yay me! (hahah it was hardly a big deal, but hey maybe it sounds impressive) One workshop has a handheld computer logo that I put on the sign, and the other was for Grantwriting. The dork that I am, I put Momochan's lovely Hydeist illus - and it looked much better then any craptastic clipart stuff I could find.

The cranky Frankie... He seems to have good and bad days. Yesterday I saw him running after some squirrels. It's like his rear legs become paralayzed- not all the time, but it makes it hard to manuever around. He was on the landing above the stairway and he started to slide off the edge, so I went behind him and pushed him forward. Of course he started barking and growling but it propelled him forward.

I was going to say something reflective about world events, but .. I just came across some Nyde prOn... *confetti* .. so I think I'll save the comment for a more intelligent lj post (oh gahh I don't think I ever have any) OK this then is for Nyde, 'post Nyde prOn photo'

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