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The secret is out!!!

~~ Sakura's fingers are rather strategically placed..don't you think?

Yay! My lips were sealed..but now I can say- - ^_^ DUEL JEWEL IS COMING TO WASHINGTON DC FOR KATSUCON
Duel Jewel official site

^__^ Sophie swore me to secrecy.. and of course, I keep my secrets ! This is so great! I am so happy for the boys..!- or to quote Midori "kewl!" I hope things work out so Leigh & I can go - it will be great to see everyone again.

I love the Takui video I just got - but it is pathetically short! Wow.. 3 songs woohooo !! *covers eyes* whenever the drummer appears with his nipple rings.. Youch!! He seems like he might even be rather fetching, but O.o, for some reason, nipple rings make me wince..

I have been busy copying videos this weekend.. I made one for my friend in Okinawa - Kaorichan cosplaying Haido What a cutie pie she is! (a sweetheart too, I might add)

Oh my.. I am so happy!! Perhaps some of my friends know that Helayne has been losing hair like autumn leaves.. >.< How sad, I never had many 'features' that I felt really keen about - but ..(other then my amazingingly dry wit *cough* just kidding) I had really great hair.. then like over the last year or so - it decreased by .. ?? 50%? It got to the point where I was afraid to wash my hair, comb my hair... The past few week.. YAY I can actually TUG at my hair.. it doesn't come out in handfuls of 20 strands... when I wash it ... there isn't a furry pile that looks like my departed Guinea pig Heathcliffe.. The dermatologist thinks it was stress that may have caused it - and that could be very true. . so hopefully,, I won't be looking like Yul Brenner.

and - to quote

"the internet is funky dunky" .. I could hardly believe it.. Today my friend Raul from the Dominican Republic asked me where the Hide museum was.. I had no idea - so thru the wonders of googling.. O.o!!!!!!

Sophie's Japanese trip journal was first to appear - and I was asking Midori (who is listed in the google description...) the same question as I googled.. Waaaaai

I hope I get around to straightening up the clutter that I wanted to do today - The Jehovah Witnesses came over today to chat with Leigh - (they come over just about every week - and they are the nicest people.. I can't talk diddly poo about the bible with Leigh - so I'm grateful they come over to do that - - and .. I am into recipe/healthfood talk with Charlene. Kyaa! I mentioned that I studied sign language - and they want me to teach them Signs when they come over next LOL will I remember? hahah
But anyhoo - Leigh chatted with the Larry ..for HOURS OMG OMG Honestly - days can pass and Leigh will say no more then 5 words to me (honestly - I am not lying.. he can be very quiet.. I learned to not take it personally) But we were teasing Larry/Leigh because they were ... so gabby..^____^ It makes me happy ---
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