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the good the bad & the girly..

I felt rather icky and stressed,depressed today - .. I am hoping to feel more with it tomorrow. Why does every consultant I work for have some event going on during the same week? >.<

I've always agreed with Al Franken (Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot) - but I was even surprised when I heard his comments about the recent photos about Iraquis prisoners. He was saying people were over reacting, it's not like they were really hurt or anything really awful happened. WTF? How could that not be a big deal?

Sort of like slowing down to watch a car accident, misatojaganshi 's comment about Batsu forum had me surf over out of interest. While I find a lot of people on these bbs sites seem to be beyond clueless, I did run into a thread that sent me to the happy happy place of girlyhaido land- Yay! The comment "I'm not a fangirl", or "I don't mean this in a fangirl sense" sends up a redflag *lol* It's a bit like "I'm not a racist..." (as you wait for some snarky little racist remark to follow)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Hydeeee

Where is Carson when you need him?
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