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happy waves & hugs to Domo~

My weekend was really feeling totally awful - then I saw Domo appear on my messenger list ^___^..... Happy to see her...

Anyhoo - Franc is NOT doing well. He is not able to get up and is crying a lot... I was 'goo goo gooing' to him and sort of scratching /petting his head. I thought he was fine with it then he bit me..

I've had my dogs bite me before - that's not it - cuz really - if your only option is to bark or bite you are rather limited, yes?

I will leave it up to Leigh - Franc is much more 'his dog'... but I hate to think the truth is getting more and more clear. I shudder to think, but really it seems like we need to put him down - and I don't say that in a 'oh he's a pain in the ass - time to go ' sense... For the past few days he doesn't move, and he tries to bite us when we try to lift him. Gahhh! wait! as I write this Franc walks in the room >.< there is a lightning storm... YAY maybe there is hope (my dear crankyfranky hates electrical storms)

hrmmm did they change the name in deference to Sakura?

and from the wonderful Liv chan's bbs.. report of SMILE live

「SMILE TOUR 2004」前夜祭 Report

LArc appeared from a big rocket thing on the stage, wearing "x_x" boxes on their head... :dies:D

techan: wearing a black top and trousers, with red bass guitar.
hyde: wearing a black coat and black trousers (his hair was サラサラ~)
kenchan: wearing a python jacket on black tank top and white trousers
yukki: black vest on white t-shirts, hair- ponytail + bandana

02. Lover Boy
03. Heaven's Drive

hyde MC: Yeah~ SONY festival? It's free. You can come to see us for free... we've spent such amount of money! (laugh) It's been 4 years? ... The national tour begins.. There were 30000 applications.. err... no, 300,000 applications we have received.

04. Coming Closer
05. Time goes on
06. 永遠
07. Larva
08. Butterfly's Sleep
09. 瞳の住人
10. 接吻
11. Driver's High
12. Feeling Fine

hyde MC: The next song is suitable for summer, made 5/6 years ago's ..

15. いばらの涙

tetsu MC: Yeah~ How do you do! We are Punk-en-Ciel!
milky way (->tetsu on vocal, hyde on guitar, yukki on bass and ken chan on drums!)


16. 自由への招待

hyde MC: The next song is the last song. We will move around and will come back here like salmon, again so.. the next time when you come to see us, pay money for the concert. Just kidding.. I guess some of you came to this place from very far away but we will go to your place so plse come to us again. Ja... "Niji".

18. 虹

I guess some of you came to this place from very far away but we will go to your place so plse come to us again. Ja... "Niji". hope springs eternal
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