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Belated Veterans/ Remeberance Day wishes

I think I'm getting back into the swing again - erff I hate it when I have these IBS troubles ( and if you don't know what IBS is.. well better for you) Perhaps I'm just a big fat whiney baby- but I was off work Monday & Tuesday (ok ok that is not so bad) but poo didly! I hate when I have to cop out on my volunteer stuff ..(oh, are my priorities straight??lol) Actually - I have a lot of vacation due my way.. I mean like over 48 days of it - and so I guess when I take vacation, I don't feel so bad.

I did feel better enough though to go see Takuhiro for tutoring. He is into Harry Potter - and I showed him a Japanese article
Harry Potter premiere Bodokan Hall
and Hyde is one of the 40 or so celebrities that attended .. and I showed him a picture of "Hyde Potter" His mother thought that was a riot - but Taka just asked me while pointing to Hyde "Nihonjin desu ka?"

Oh I had fun in Duel Jewel chatroom.. ^_^ Everyone was nice & fun.. no evil psycho wackos *yay!*

Yesterday was Veterans day or just slightly South of me (YES SOUTH) was Canada's Rememberance day. Perhaps it is because Canada's TV is Public TV - but they always seem to have more hoopla & ceremony on these days. I saw a touching show about A Canadian prisoner of war who went back to Nagasaki where he was a war prisoner. I wish this fellow would talk to Government leaders and send his message of peace! He had horrible experiences thru the brutality of the Japanese there.. yet, he was terribly saddened when viewing the Nagasaki museum - He met the Mayor of Nagasaki and .. he broke down & wept "let there be no more Hiroshimas, no more Nagasakis" He also met with a Japanese prisoner of war - it was just so poignant.

Hoping for a peaceful tomorrow ..
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